GVP College of Engineernig for Women

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronics and Communications are twoimportant fields in engineering and technology. The branch of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) is a pace setter and a primery mode behind the transition to a technologically advanced society. The availability of affordable means of communication has been one of the electronics greatest contributions to human society.
The department has well trained faculty members who are highly productive educators and researchers and they provied leadership abilities and expertise to the undergraduate students. We, at the G.V.P. College of Engineering for Women, follow the curriculum designed by JNTUK and strive hard to achieve the aims and objectives of the course. The college aims to provide the student specialist skills and knowledge necessary to compete with the top notch ECE engineering graduates in the country.


Name Qualification Designation
Prof. K. Raja Rajeswari B.E.,M.E.,Ph.D Professor & Director R & D
Prof. Dr. D.N. Madhusudana Rao Ph.D Professor & Head of the Department
Prof. Dr.V Subrahmanyam Ph.D Professor
Prof. Dr. B.S. Murthy Ph.D Professor
Dr K. Srinivasa Rao B.Tech., M.Tech.,Ph.D Associate Professor
Dr P. Murali Krishna Prasad M.E.,Ph.D Associate Professor
Dr L. Ganesh B.Tech., M.Tech., Ph.D Assistant Professor
Mrs B.V.S.Renuka Devi B.Tech., M.Tech(IIT, DELHI).,(Ph.D) Assistant Professor
Ms B. Vijaya Lakshmi M.Tech.,(Ph.D) Assistant Professor
Mr D.V.A.N. Ravi Kumar M.Tech.,(Ph.D) Assistant Professor
Mrs Ch.Sirisha M.Tech.,(Ph.D) Assistant Professor
Ms M. Manikumari M.Tech.,(Ph.D) Assistant Professor
Mr N.V. Maheswara Rao M.Tech.,(Ph.D) Assistant Professor
Ms B. Lakshmi M.Tech Assistant Professor
Ms N. Roopavathi M.Tech Assistant Professor
Ms L. Sarika M.Tech Assistant Professor
Mr R. Sunil Kumar M.Tech.,(Ph.D) Assistant Professor
Mr P.V.K Chaitanya M.Tech.,(Ph.D) Assistant Professor
Ms I. Lavanya M.Tech Assistant Professor
Mr S. Ramanjaneya Reddy M.Tech Assistant Professor
Ms R. Jalaja M.Tech Assistant Professor
Ms G.P.S Prasanthi M.Tech Assistant Professor
Ms B. Divya Sathi M.Tech Assistant Professor
Mr P. Harikanth B.Tech., M.Tech Assistant Professor

 GVP College of Engineernig for Women
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